The Beatles - Back in the USSR!

Back in the USSR!

🎵 OAT - A Musical Time Capsule!

🎵 Flip and Flop: The Best Harmonies!
💔 WALK RIGHT BACK / EBONY EYES - The Everly Brothers (1961)
* Hits by The Everly Brothers, peaking at #7 and #8, were deeply emotional, coinciding with a tragic plane crash involving the U.S. Figure Skating team.

🎸 Twangy Guitars: Strings That Soar
* Leçon De Twist (Twistin’ the Twist) - Danyel Gérard (1962): French rock pioneer with a #1 hit.
* The Savage - The Shadows (1961): A top 10 UK hit, also featured in "The Young Ones" film.

🎬 Back to Back: Cliff Richard - Movie Songs
* On the Beach (1964): From "Wonderful Life," reaching #7 in the UK.
* Gotta Funny Feeling (1961): From "The Young Ones" movie, showcasing Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

🎶 Pop Goes The Beatles: Back in The USSR (1968)
* Inspired by Chuck Berry and The Beach Boys, McCartney's parody became a symbol of Western rock in the USSR. Notably, McCartney played drums during the recording.

📅 Snapshot of May 1, 1961:
* US hit: "Runaway" by Del Shannon. UK hit: "Blue Moon" by The Marcels.
* Significant events: First US airplane hijacking to Cuba, 
* Pulitzer Prize to Harper Lee for "To Kill a Mockingbird."

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