April 19, 2021

How To Transition Into Leadership With Lorlett Hudson

How To Transition Into Leadership With Lorlett Hudson

Today we have Lorlett Hudson and she's an expert in helping senior professionals excel at delivering exceptional results. Her approach helps you learn what you don't know. And that's what she'll be helping us do, she'll be helping us figure out what we don't know. 

I'm sure you'll enjoy this session because I learned a whole lot from it. She's also an inventor of the critically acclaimed multi award-winning things mama used to say, a 52 card box set of Jamaican Caribbean proverbs to facilitate change management, diversity and inclusion and develop high-performing teams. 

I hope you enjoy this session and you leave here changed because I certainly did. Enjoy. 

In this podcast episode:

05:00 - Why is Lorlett’s company named - One Hand Can’t Clap?

07:10 - Why do people from minority backgrounds struggle to make that transition to leadership?

11:40 - How does Lorlett help people see beyond their nose to become greater than what they aspire to be?

17:50 - What are the common blocks encountered when transitioning to leadership?

20:50 - What if you want to get better but are stuck and can’t see a way out?

24:50 - Lorlett’s book - Things Mama Used To Say

30:30 - Who’s having conversations about you?

37:20 - Ownership is everything

41:00 - Imposter syndrome

46:00 - Determining your value

49:00 - Advice for you to see what you are truly worth

Get Lorlett’s book at: https://www.onehandcantclap.co.uk/