April 13, 2020

19. COVID 19 Special - Get Fit for the Future - Part III

19. COVID 19 Special - Get Fit for the Future - Part III

For a lot of us, life could very well become broken down into 2 parts. Life before COVID 19 and life after COVID 19. What you did before and what you did after and how you transitioned. Watch out that you don't miss out on opportunities that can become either your lifeboats in these crazy times or the gateway into the next phase of your life in your business and career. 

I probably should take this time to tell a story about something that happened to me recently.

 Like most of us, I know there is change and I am preparing. One of the things I have been encouraging people to do and I am doing myself is letting as many people know that I am available. If you are in business, let all your customers you are available and can do more.

 I was speaking to a lady and asking if there was anything I can do for her. She said she has about 5 projects they can use me on but they are all gone now. There is one but its a bit below me and I took that and my pride kicked in that yes, I'm good'. 'Then probably because she liked what I had done to date and wanted to see if she could help she said again ' I have just one and it's a bit below you'.  I was about to say thanks when finally she said you can make it what you want then my brain kicked in and I said of course.

 Most of us have spent so much time, money and energy becoming who and what we are that it has become part of our identity. Becoming focused on who you are and what you have achieved to date can cause you to miss out on opportunities staring you in the face because you can't imagine and as a matter of fact have never imagined doing anything else.

 The main thing for a lot us is to start having an open mind. Here are some things you can do

 Short term 

  • If you're still employed 
    • Find out what your business is doing and what their biggest concern is right now e.g. What problems are they trying to solve 
    • Find out how you can get involved or what you can do 
  • If you're not employed 
    • Be open-minded 
    • Don't let what you did get in the way of any opportunities that can come your way. 
    • Look for roles similar to what you did in industries that are thriving. 

Long term

  • Google ' what is the future of.......'. This should give you a broad idea of the ideas out there. Some will go from realistic to absolute bat crazy. 
  • Ask yourself, can I see myself doing this? Am I ready for this? Do I have what it takes to play my part
  • Read, read and read some more so you can learn. 
  • Don't be afraid. As long as you plan and are ready to learn there is a place for you in the future