April 6, 2020

18. COVID 19 Special - Get Fit for the Future - Part II

18. COVID 19 Special - Get Fit for the Future - Part II

I had a couple of conversations with a couple of friends this week. The first friend tells me; he has had two interviews A couple of days I have been speaking to lots of people and we got to speaking about the Coronavirus and its impact and I have had two completely different conversations. On the one hand, one person says..projects are about to be closed down and everybody is nervous about what happens next. The other person says he has had 4 interviews. I repeat 4 interviews in the past week. In every crisis, there are winners and losers. Some people will make money and some will lose money. Some people will use this as an opportunity to rise while others dont.

What are you going to do to survive? Are you caught up in the news and losing sight of the fact that this chaos and complete turning of the table also means that you need to be ready to adapt. You have to be fit for the future and present.

 COVID 19 has now changed the way some of us work now for a couple of weeks. While the shock hasn't worn off and the loss of life will never stop being a shock for us. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering. The sad reality is that businesses will now start to focus on how to continue to do what they were created for - exist to create wealth. They create wealth through their employees and suppliers and that is where you come in. 

 Whether you like it or not, things will never be quite the same again. This is the tipping point. For a lot of us, this change would have happened gradually and we would have been caught out. Bob Proctor the leading thinker and speaker on personal development said we don't resist change. We resist being changed. What this means for most of we don't resist the change cos it happens anyway. Rather we just refuse to do what we need to adapt.

In Charles Darwin's Evolution of the Species, he talks about the survival of the fittest. Are you fit? Will you survive? We have to adapt of risk being left behind. A relic of a by-gone era. We could end up holding onto our polaroid camera while the world uses an iPhone. Will you adapt to the workplace or will you get your head in the game and do what you need to to survive.

I'll tell you who is doing anything they can to survive. Smart companies and businesses. They are very quickly upgrading their systems. Redesigning their processes and the way they work. What about your business owner. You the employee. Are you upgrading yourself? Are you upgrading the tools you use? Are you looking at things differently?

 Knowledge is power. I have done the research and I'm going to be sharing with you what the businesses will be focusing on so you have the inside scoop and are ready.

Now let's talk about Survival. I'm going to share some tips on how to survive in this period where the question every boss is asking is ' what does this man/woman do around here'? Why am I paying them all that money? 

  • Be a salesman
  • Don't get too stuck on who you are focus on what problem you can solve
  • Be ready to go looking for problems to solve
  • Be ready to be whatever they need you to be
  • Be ready to work on short terms and realise it's about surviving.
  • Your contract as a business or employee won't be what keep's you. It is your ability to make them feel you are worth the money
  • Every comms or speech you make, be sure to highlight the problem you have solved or will solve and what it has saved the business
  • Offer yourself up for everything going