Aug. 9, 2021



(the old one where you can hear a band playing in the background the whole time)

On this one your favorite two wormy, gross, cannibalistic, humanoid, underground, dweller dipshits ,"hit the vault" (is that a thing?.....sure) and dug deep to find a hidden classic! It was from last year and the references are outdated (but references from a day ago are outdated nowadays, ammirite?)

We also called it "Back On My Bullshit", way back then but you'll get over it. We had to. Basically, its the same brand of horse jibber nonsense you've come to know and love but just called something else. It was either this or stop complaining........I swear I'll take you back to your mothers if you're gonna keep acting like that!!

We hope you enjoy. We're also sorry that we haven't been as consistent lately. We've been busy doing shit but we love this dumb thing and all of you so we'll be back at it soon.

Toodles. Smooches. More shit like that

P.S. we record this thing at a studio space and you can hear another band playing super shitty and LOUD the whole goddamn time. So, there's that.....

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