June 10, 2021

Nick Wheeler

Nick Wheeler

We here at the Z&MM3 (we're too cool to spell it all out) haven't ran into too many other people that do what we do (bullshit artists) that we haven't yet met. But, as Ed MacMahon famously said, "I'm not paying that much for no stepped on shit, man! Come on Jack!! I NEEEED IT!!! GIVE IT UP OR I'M GONNA FUCKIN' CUT YOU!!!!".........no, thats not it.......... it was, "strangers are just friends you haven't met yet", I don't know, some jackass crap like that.

Anyway, this week we didn't know our guest, Nick Wheeler of The All American Rejects. Nick is a prolific writer and producer as well as guitarist in a huge band and we talk about being busy during COVID, Lego and the proper way to say LEGO (not LegoS, dipshit), television shows and Zach and Mike both contemplate each others deaths, but, like, in a fun way. Mike also manages to not embarrass Zach too much on front of their new friend (you can't take that guy anywhere).

Its basically musicians talking about musician shit (the exact way we while away our lives in backstage rooms) so listen in and contemplate your place in this world........too much? I'm sorry. I've been listening to "This Mortal Coil", lately. I also haven't been wearing my crystal.

I'm watching that "Moneyball" movie right now. It's pretty good. Seen it? I fuckin' hate sports

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