Feb. 27, 2023

Satchel: Steel Panther Is More than Just D*ck Jokes

Satchel: Steel Panther Is More than Just D*ck Jokes

Benny, Siobhán, and Cory join Satchel (Guitarist / Songwriter For Steel Panther) to talk new Steel Panther music, the newest Steel Panther member, and more details on what happened with ex-bandmember Lexxi Foxx. We dive into the early years of Steel Panther looking at how the band became popular the "old school" way and hear about the crazy and often hilarious fans Steel Panther comes face to face with on tour. All this and more tune in with us and get ready to be 2020d!

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New album out now "On the Prowl"


Check out The Video for "Friends with Benefits"


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00:00 - Intro

02:00 - We Should Make Picking Your Nose Totally Acceptable

0500 - Going On Tour With Winger

07:50 - New Steel Panther Song “Friends with Benefits”

12:00 - We "Made It" The Old School Way

17:00 - Steel Panther Dating App

24:00 - New Steel Panther Bassist Spyder

29:00 - What Does Satchel Think About The New Metallica Music

32:00 - Satchel Beat An Angry Judas Priest Fan

37:09 - I Wish Mick Mars The Best

41:15 - Life Without Lexxi

53:00 - Steel Panther Is Not Just Dick Jokes

01:01:00 - Outro

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