March 27, 2023

Abigail Posner: Is Google ACTUALLY Watching Us?

Abigail Posner: Is Google ACTUALLY Watching Us?

Benny, Siobhán, and Cory join Abigail Posner (Director of U.S Creative Works At Google / Anthropologist) to discuss the world of humans, technology, and music, and just how they all connect. We learn about Abigail's early years studying humanity and culture as an Anthropologist, as well as her transition into marketing and creative works for the massive tech company Google. We hear about her experience first starting out at a company like Google, how Google's algorithm advertises the products you'll love, and get Abigail's take on big questions like "why we buy luxury things?", "why we like certain music?", and "how to really build an audience today". All this and more tune in with us and prepare to be 2020d!

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Human Code Podcast:

00:00 - Intro

03:00 - From Social Anthropology To Advertising

07:28 - Advertising vs Marketing

11:25 - How Google Decides What We Want

19:00 - What I Like is Culture

2800 - How Has Anthropology Changed Your View Of People?

38:40 - I Need My Glamour Feed

45:00 - Why We Buy Fancy Things

49:30 - Why Do We Like Certain Music?

57:00 - Starting At Google I Felt Like An Imposter

1:07:00 - Combining Tech And Anthropology

1:13:00 - Want To Build An Audience? Bring Them Value

1:21:00 - The Human Code podcast

1:29:00 - Outro

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