Sept. 26, 2022

Jonathan Wyner [Pt. 1]: What the Hell is Mastering, Anyway??

Jonathan Wyner [Pt. 1]: What the Hell is Mastering, Anyway??

Jonathan Wyner (Mastering Engineer / Educator / Past President of AES) joins Benny, Siobhán, and Cory to answer the question "what the hell is mastering anyway?" Jonathan breaks down his career in mastering working with some of music's biggest names and getting a chance to really witness and be a part of how mastering has changed with technology. We dive into Jonathan early years surrounded by music and his journey to becoming a mastering engineer. We hear some incredible celebrity stories, including an airplane call from Nuno Bettencourt and the real reason you should choose a person over technology to master your tracks. All this and more tune in with us and prepare to be 2020'd.

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00:00 - Intro

02:30 - What is mastering today?

07:26 - I played music before I spoke English

11:07 - mastering was the first place that digital was happening

18:13 - Mastering engineers are the representative of the artist

24:15 - The only thing I miss from working with tape

29:06 - Famous record mistakes

36:40 - Nuno Bettencourt called me from a plane

42:00 - Using modern tools

50:32 - Nobody is getting paid to make the music

51:50 - AI mastering

59:30 - Outro

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