June 18, 2024

Episode 52: ‘Screaming Among Her Fellows’

Catharine Maria Sedgwick to Eliza Cabot Follen, February 18, 1828. In which Sedgwick writes to her dear friend Cabot Follen about the need for a new minister, pieces she has recently read and written, and an exquisite Valent…
May 22, 2024

Episode 51: "O Women of America!"

Woman's Political Future - An Address by Frances E. W. Harper to the Chicago World's Fair, 20 May 1893. In which Harper champions morality, civil rights, and civic duty in Jim Crow America.  Featuring Chole Porche, Ph.D. can…
Guest: Chloe Porche
April 16, 2024

Episode 50: The Feathers are the only Tolerable Ones

Martha Washington to Eleanor Parke Custis, c. February 1797. In which Washington warns her granddaughter that her dress may not arrive from Philadelphia in time for a Virginia ball.  Featuring , Assistant Professor of Histor…
March 19, 2024

Episode 49: Deposition of Phillis Tatton

Deposition of Phillis Tatton, 3rd November 1837 In which Phillis Hinkley Saunders Tatton appeared before the County of Probate in the state of Connecticut in an attempt to secure a pension for her late husband’s service duri…
Feb. 21, 2024

Episode 48: Political Subjects are too often at Variance

Elizabeth Willing Powel to Elizabeth Parke Custis, February 28, 1816. In which Powel advises Martha Washington's pro-French granddaughter to avoid talking about politics with pro-British family members.
Jan. 16, 2024

Episode 47: To Persevere In Grace & Faith

Phillis Wheatley to Obour Tanner, October 30th, 1773 in which Wheatley discusses faith, her book, and a trip to England.
Dec. 19, 2023

Episode 46: The Ambassadress Is Nothing But Blunt

Abigail Adams to John Quincy Adams, 16 Febuary 1786. In which Abigail reports from London to her son on dining with wealthy South Carolinians and the tribulations of her daughter Nabby in matters of the heart.
Nov. 21, 2023

Episode 45: You Must Not Complain Of My Silence

Elizabeth Mason to Mary Barnes Mason, 3 March 1811. In which Elizabeth attempts to update her daughter Mary on the latest news from home while her family distracts her.
Oct. 17, 2023

Episode 44: I Am An Idiot About Play

Lady Georgiana Spencer and Caroline Howe, a series of correspondences. In which they discuss Lady Spencer’s gambling problem. Kathryn Gehred is joined by early American historian and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of…
Sept. 19, 2023

Episode 43: That B**** Maria Goodwin

Sarah E. Nicholas to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph, March 30, 1821 In which Sarah E. Nicholas writes to her sister Jane H. Nicholas Randolph about an incident in the streets of Baltimore. Kathryn Gehred is joined by Amelia Golch…
Aug. 29, 2023

Season 3: A Season of Wit

We are excited to announce that on September 19 Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant will be back with a new season. We found some great letters to share with you this season that highlight the extraordinary wit of women in t…
Aug. 15, 2023

Episode 42: A Woman of Extraordinary Ability

The travel diary of Elizabeth House Trist, 1783.  In which Elizabeth House Trist records her journey down the Mississippi River in 1783.
July 25, 2023

Episode 41: Very Eccentric & I Think a Little Crazy

Phoebe Pemberton Morris to Rebecca Wistar Morris Nourse, 28 February 1812. In which Phoebe Pemberton Morris writes to her sister Rebecca Wistar Morris Nourse about the many social events she is attending in the Federal City,…
June 27, 2023

Episode 40: How Dare You Not Answer My Letter

Eliza Monroe Hay to King Louis Philippe of France, 1839. In which Eliza Monroe Hay, James Monroe's daughter, requests assistance from the King Louis Philippe of France because of the aid her parents provided his mother durin…
Guest: Nancy Stetz
May 23, 2023

Episode 39 - Not One Single Subject To Entertain You With

Jemima Grey, Amabel Grey, and Mary Grey to Catherine Talbot, 15 November 1765. In which Jemima Grey and her two daughters, Bell who is 14 and Mouse who is 9, provide a very comical update about their life near Cambridge. Kat…
March 14, 2023

Episode 38 — A Rumor That You Abandoned Me

Jannote Roustant to Jean Roustant, on 1 July 1745 and Johanna Frederica Telle to Abrosius Telle on 28 May 1798.
Feb. 7, 2023

Episode 37 — Wounded The Feelings Of A Lady

Sarah Livingston Jay to Samuel Lyon, on 14 Nov. 1794.
Jan. 3, 2023

Episode 36 — I Should Be Glad To Leave The School

Letter from Mary Secutor to Eleazar Wheelock, 28 July 1768.
Nov. 10, 2022

Episode 35 - George Wiseacre Parke Custis

Eleanor Parke Custis (Lewis) to Elizabeth Bordley. In which Eleanor Parke Custis writes to Elizabeth Bordley to dispel rumors and engage in funny moments.
May 5, 2022

Episode 34 - That Evil Genius

Ellen Wayles Randolph to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 29 March 1819.
Guest: Danna Kelley
April 19, 2022

Episode 33: Any Dandridge That Ever Wore An Head

The Testimony of Anne Moody Part the last of Mar…
April 5, 2022

Episode 32 - Think My Dear Mistress

Sarah Stewart to Dolley Madison, 5 July 1844 In …
March 22, 2022

Episode 31 - Vile Names and Ill Language

In which John Custis IV and Frances Parke make an…
March 8, 2022

Episode 30 - Elizabeth Sharaf-un-Nisa

Elizabeth Sharaf-un-Nisa to "Philo" In which a M…