Lester Kenway

Lester Kenway has been volunteering with the Maine Appalachian Trial Club for over five decades and is a member of the Appalachian Trail Museum’s Hall of Fame. He was elected to the Board of Directors of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, served as a director, district manager, vice president, and was president for 13 years. Concurrently, he was the chair of the trail crew committee for about 30 years. He also oversaw the fundraising efforts to build the Maine Trail Center in Skowhegan, Maine. Lester also worked for Baxter State Park.

April 9, 2024

Iconic Locations: The Katahdin Sign

What long-distance AT hiker hasn’t dreamed of reaching that sign on the summit of Katahdin at the end of their hike? Today, we are headed to the top of the mountain to explore the history of the iconic sign.