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I really enjoy the history of the Trail and the cool places we walk through. Great job.

Awesome podcast!
Two thumbs up for Mills Kelly and the Green Tunnel team! I am an AT section hiker and I have learned some much from this series. Each episode is well researched and produced. Mills is entertaining and the podcast has enriched my experience on trail. I highly recommend this podcast!!!

Great podcast looking at all facets of the AT!
Really enjoy this deep dive into the good and not-so-good of the AT’s history!

Great podcast
Great information

An AT Lover’s Must
So very well produced and completely fascinating. A pleasure to listen to informationally and auditorly! Ok so that’s not a word but it just sounds good!

The Green Tunnel Podcast Is Like A Lay’s… You Can’t Listen To Just One
I only found The Green Tunnel Podcast this week…. but I have already listened to EVERY episode. I’m in the process of going back and listening to each episode again. There is SO much wealth in every episode. Thanks for producing my absolute favorite AT podcast. 💯 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+

Just a really great podcast.
I first heard of this when I went to AT kickoff last year. I got a shirt and a cup and I have had quite a few people from around the Midwest mention they love this podcast. Very informative. Can't wait to hear what this year has in store for new episodes.

Love it!
Such a great show and continues to teach me more about a trail that I absolutely love!

Ahh poop!
Great podcast! Never thought I’d listen to the history of pooping on the AT, but all good hiking podcasts must have poop stories! Hoping to thru hike after retirement, 2039 😬! Scott Cuvelier

Must listen for fans of the Trail
Informative, interesting, and a tinge of funny- look forward to this drop every time. Easy 5 star review

Fun and educational!
Very enjoyable listening! I'm learning so much I didn't know about many aspects of the trail and its history. I love being able to take an episode out with me to listen to during a walk.

Great podcast
Meet two young women in Harpers ferry this past weekend. Started listening from the first one and enjoy the content. Gave me a whole new way to look at the AT. Also great name and cool logo/artwork. Well I guess that was a short lived podcast…

Great Podcast
I really like the way they take history and make it come to life with voice actors and music. It's not just narration, it's also acting and sound design. Very well done!

Great podcast
Glad for this podcast of one of my favorite outdoor places.

Great podcast
I really enjoy the set-up of your episodes and your style. Interesting and informative.

Great Historical AT podcast
I listened to your interview with Jester on . Just a Section Hikers Podcast . It was so interesting, after I was done listening I hopped over found “The Green Tunnel” and listened to them all . Now I can’t wait for the next one . Thank You for a different perspective about the AT ! Theresa in PA

Awesome show
This podcast is gratifying to my deep interest in AT history!

Great podcast
Being from the Appalachian mountains and hiking much of the AT this podcast is awesome. I only wish there were more episodes.

Great Content
As an AT section hiker, I love this podcast. It’s wonderful hearing the history. Especially those sections that I have yet to visit. Thank you!

Amazing Podcast
If you love hiking and history this is for you. Amazing history that I was so curious about. Thank you!

Fun history and factual info… not fearful info
If your a lover of the AT and of history then this is for you!

Excellent Podcast
I have been waiting for an Appalachian Trail history podcast for years! You can really tell there has been a lot of research and hard work put in for each episode! I look forward to hearing future episodes as they release! Bravo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

History lessons I didn’t know I needed
Wow! There is so much history behind the AT that I never even thought to think existed. This podcast not only let me know there was a wealth of knowledge I was missing out on, but then gives me that information! All in an engaging, delightful, and detailed storytelling voice. Highly recommend and can’t wait for more episodes!!

The Green Tunnel
I love to learn while I’m walking and this podcast is perfect because I seldom have time to read a book. The creator is a professor at George Mason University and an historian of the Appalachian Trail so I can be sure that I am getting accurate information. My only regret is that it doesn't come out more often. I have listened to the first episode 4 times!!

Great show!
I really enjoy this podcast. Very clear presentation and storytelling about the Appalachian Trail. Wonderful music to boot!