Keith Klepeis

Dr. Keith Klepeis is a professor of geography and geosciences at The University of Vermont. He is interested in how the methods and principles of geology can be used to understand and solve some of the most pressing challenges facing human societies today. He has a broad range of interests, including the evolution of earthquake-generating fault zones in New Zealand and California, the uplift of mountain ranges in Patagonia and elsewhere, the causes and consequences of large landslides and rockfalls in Vermont, and the spread of PFAS contamination in bedrock aquifers beneath local towns. Most of Klepeis's work is field-based where he travels to carefully selected sites in Vermont and around the globe to learn as much as he can about the architecture and temporal evolution of geological features and landscapes. He also has expertise in the disciplines of continental tectonics and Earth deformation, and the application of UAS (drone) surveys, photogrammetry, and 3-D digital modeling to geologic problems.

Oct. 17, 2023

Geological Time

This season the history we’re starting with is really, really old. We are exploring the geological history of the rocks and mountains the Appalachian Trail runs through. We will also answer the age-old question, are the moun…