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The Fantasy w/ Sean, John, & Toine

All the news and info you need about fantasy football through the lens of three bros and …

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The Morning Show Podcast where creative homies Mek Show and Bruke Fasil talk about happen…

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What You Wanna Call It

This series on dating & relationships is a platform for people to express their experienc…

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The Bounce Back Podcast

Welcome to the bounce back podcast! This podcast is about all things yoga as it relates t…

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Live From The Backseat

Join Simone & friends as they tackle hot topics & embark on a journey of self-lov…

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The Final Third

Soccer coach and trainer, Phil Nana, discusses everything football with current, past, an…

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Recent Episodes

Feb. 25, 2024

EARLY 133: From Law to Fine Art w/Amber Rayne

Mek and Bruke are back and joined in studio by Amber Rayne to discuss movie from civil rights to fine arts, looking like Blue Ivy in a music video, and being the dumb of the smart kids. Plus, they talk about their love of th…
Feb. 11, 2024


EARLY is presented by ItsNation TV. ItsNation TV is an online platform for unique content, ideas, and personalities. Stream hundreds of hours worth of entertaining content created by our talented community of creators. Visit…
Feb. 2, 2024

EARLY 131: Game Predictions and Vacation Motivation

Mek and Bruke are back from their travel break to talk about The Chief's run to the Superbowl, game predictions, and their thoughts on the Doc Rivers hire. Plus, they discuss the 65 game rule, favorite teams for all-star wek…
Jan. 5, 2024

EARLY 130: Delegating, Outsourcing, and Naming Your Price w/Blue Visionz

Happy New Year! Mek and Bruke are back and joined in studio by Blue Visionz to talk about creators they've found helpful, naming your price, and getting out of the email funnel system. Plus, they discuss deciding what kind o…
Dec. 15, 2023

EARLY 128: The Family Business w/Gregory Thomas II

Mek and Bruke are back and joined by Gregory Thomas II to talk about early obstacles, realty and house flipping, and the first ten years. Plus, they discuss not making money until later, preparing for rainy days as an entrep…
Dec. 1, 2023

EARLY 127: Confusing NBA Tournament Season

Mek and Bruke are back to talk about the holiday season, the spirit of giving, and anticipation being better than the event. Plus, they discuss the confusing NBA tournament, Mark Cuban selling the Mavericks, and meeting the …