"Jester" Section Hiker

Hiker Safety, The 10 Essentials, and Preventative Search & Rescue.

Since 2016 I have had a strong interest in hiker safety and promoting safe practices to other hikers, their families, and have had Search and Rescue experts on my podcast sharing their expertise regarding hiker safety.
Jan. 1, 2022

Episode #105 - The 10 Essentials (Part 2)

Happy New Year! Jester and Austin continue sharing this week their 10 Essential Gear items they carry on every hike!
Guest: Austin Wallis
Dec. 25, 2021

Episode #104 - The 10 Essentials (Part 1)

Happy Holidays! Jester is back with guest co-host Austin Wallis as they share their 10 Essential Gear items they carry on every hike!
Guest: Austin Wallis
Oct. 23, 2021

Episode #95 - Trip Planning & Risk Management

Co-host Austin Wallis joins Jester this week as they share about the "12th Essential", trip planning, and risk assessment.
Guest: Austin Wallis
Oct. 9, 2021

Episode #93 - Nancy East

Jester shares with us her recent chat with Nancy East. Nancy shares with us her love for the Smoky Mountains, her recent "mombattical", and why she joined a SAR Team.
Oct. 2, 2021

Episode #92 - Dani Beau

Dani Beau joins Jester this week to share her experiences in Search and Rescue, and her success because of her survival skills on the reality television series Naked and Afraid.
July 24, 2021

Episode #82 - Sally Guyton Fowler & Terri Kidder

Jester shares her talk with Terri Kidder and Sally Guyton Fowler. Terri and Sally share those early moments when the family realized in 2016 PCT Hiker Kris "Sherpa" Fowler might be in trouble.
June 12, 2021

Episode #76 - Day Hike Gear List (Summer 2021)

Jester shares her updated Day Hike Gear List for Summer 2021. Find out what gear has been replaced, being tested, and Jester's Summer 2021 hiking plans.
April 3, 2021

Episode #66 - Cathy Tarr (Fowler-O'Sullivan Foundation)

Jester introduces us this week to Cathy Tarr, the Executive Director for the Fowler-O'Sullivan Foundation. The Fowler-O'Sullivan foundation mission is to assist families of missing hikers.
Oct. 3, 2020

Episode #40 - Day Hike Gear List (Fall 2020)

Jester shares with us her Day Hike Gear List and why there is not just one important piece of gear!