Dec. 2, 2023

169: Liz "Snorkel" Thomas | 10 Year Section Hike Of The PACIFIC CREST TRAIL

I’ve thru-hiked and section-hiked the PCT. Which is better?

Liz Thomas is a professional hiker, adventure conservationist, and outdoor writer who broke the women’s self-supported speed record on the 2,181-mile long Appalachian Trail. Considered among the most experienced hikers in the US, she’s known for backpacking light, fast, and solo. Liz has hiked more than 20,000 miles on 25+ long trails including completing the Triple Crown of Hiking (the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails) and first-known traverses of the Chinook Trail in the Columbia River Gorge and Wasatch Range in Utah.

Liz is the author of Long Trails: Mastering the Art of the Thru-hike, which received the National Outdoor Book Award for Best Instructional book with judges calling it “destined to become the bible of the sport.” She recently published her second guidebook, Hiking Waterfalls in Southern California with Falcon Guides.

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Long Trails: Mastering The Art Of A Thru Hike  

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