Cowboys Blitzcast: NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers - Dallas-Style

FRISCO - We've got NFL Free Agency to occupy our time, and the Dallas Cowboys are in the middle of it all. "Winners and Losers''? Yup - the Cowboys have been both.

Welcome to the ‘The Blitzcast – A Dallas Cowboys Podcast’ by Drunk Sports in partnership with “BigRed” Lance Dorsett and Timm “IndyCarTim” Hamm are your hosts as we discuss all things Dallas Cowboys and all things NFL.

On today’s show we breakdown all the exciting free agent signings from the week, both Cowboys and other teams, and how that impacts the upcoming season. Come to think of it, will there even BE an upcoming season? We also delve into the strange and baffling DeAndre Hopkins trade between Houston and Arizona and how an old-fashioned thermal fax machine might have played into all of this.

We’ll also consider the Stefon Diggs trade between Minnesota and Buffalo and how that compares to said Hopkins trade, as BigRed stumps IndyCarTim with the question, “Name five current WR’s who are better than Hopkins?''

We’ll go Around The NFL as we always do with some other possible free agent updates, and what changes the NFL has made to the team’s offseason programs.

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