June 29, 2021

Daily Blitz - 6/29/21 – Can The Dallas Cowboys Save Leighton Vander Esch?

There's no reason to think Leighton Vander Esch can't be a Pro Bowl linebacker again.

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The Dallas Cowboys Daily Blitz

There’s no reason to think Leighton Vander Esch can’t be a Pro Bowl linebacker again. Leighton Vander Esch might be playing for another team in 2022. The Dallas Cowboys have declined the fifth-year option on his rookie deal that would’ve paid him $9.1M that season. Welcome to the Daily Blitz by DSP Media in partnership with CowboysSI.com. That doesn’t mean the Dallas Cowboys aren’t interested in having him back in 2022, but simply they didn’t want to and couldn’t afford to pay him $9M plus. What will it take for Vander Esch to bounce back and have a successful 2021 and remain a Dallas Cowboy? Health. First and foremost, health. Second? He must remember how to play linebacker while healthy. Stop the Sean Lee comparisons, because those just insult recently retired Sean Lee. Can the Dallas Cowboys save Vander Esch? If so, how? Let’s discuss! Please join us daily for the Daily Blitz at CowboysSI.com, TheBlitzcast.com, or the Dallas Cowboys Blitzcast YouTube Channel. And make sure to for all the latest videos and visual content! Then continue the conversation on Twitter: @BlitzcastNFL, @ColbySapp, and @IndyCarTim. To submit a question for the show please email us, or to submit your joke of the day to be considered for use on the air, email the show at TheCowboysBlitzcast@gmail.com with “Joke Of The Day” in the subject line. If we use your joke on the air we’ll send you a free DSP Media / Cowboys Blitzcast T-Shirt!