Aug. 9, 2021

Dallas Cowboys Daily Blitz – 8/9/21 – Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson: ‘What If?’

How many Super Bowls could the Cowboys have if 'it' never happened? - The Cowboys Daily Blitz Podcast

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The Dallas Cowboys Daily Blitz

Welcome to the Daily Blitz by DSP Media in partnership with Many people are fans of a genre of literature called “alternate history.” Fictional tales about what the world would be like if something in the past had happened differently. What if the South won the Civil War? What if JFK had lived? Things that get our minds working and wondering. For Dallas Cowboys fans, one historical event that most would like to have occurred differently was the so-called “break up” of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. So goes the story of how one failed toast in a bar began a string of events that led to the demise of one of the greatest duos in Cowboys history. Jimmy wasn’t the only member of the coaching staff to leave that fateful summer. And his replacement as Cowboys head coach, Barry Switzer, was actually being courted by another NFC East team besides the Cowboys. ‘What if’ those events unfolded differently, and Jimmy remained in Dallas? Let’s discuss! Please join us daily for the Daily Blitz at,, or the Dallas Cowboys Blitzcast YouTube Channel. And make sure to subscribe for all the latest videos and visual content! Then continue the conversation on our new forums, Twitter: @BlitzcastNFL and @IndyCarTim. To submit a question for the show please email us, or to submit your joke of the day to be considered for use on the air, email the show at with “Joke Of The Day” in the subject line. If we use your joke on the air we’ll send you a free DSP Media / Cowboys Blitzcast t-shirt or hat!