Cowboys Blitzcast: Dak + Dez + Aldon & Our All-Time Cowboys Team

FRISCO - Want Cowboys talk? Look and listen as we dig into Dez + Dak and the addition of Aldon Smith ...

Welcome to the ‘The Blitzcast – A Dallas Cowboys Podcast’ by Drunk Sports in partnership with “BigRed” Lance Dorsett and Timm “IndyCarTim” Hamm are your hosts as we discuss all things Dallas Cowboys and all things NFL!

On today’s show we discuss the Dez/Dak workout today and what that might mean for Dez's future with Dallas, and does Jerry Jones thrive on this attention given to his contract negotiations with Dak?

We say hello to Aldon Smith and welcome him to Dallas, and wonder, how much money will he REALLY make with the Dallas Cowboys in 2020 and talk about the future of Jamal Adams and wonder if it includes Dallas.

Then with absolutely NOTHING else to occupy our coronavirus induced sports boredom brains, we offer you our all-time Dallas Cowboys team by position and head coach. Who's on your list? We'd like to know! Reach out to us on Twitter and we'll discuss on our next episode!

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