Aug. 3, 2021

Cowboys Daily Blitz – 8/3/21 – Dak Prescott Injury Update; Should We Be Worried?

Could Dak play on Thursday if it was a regular-season game? - The Cowboys Daily Blitz Podcast

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The Dallas Cowboys Daily Blitz

The Dallas Cowboys first preseason game with the Pittsburgh Steelers is just days away, as the two teams will matchup in the 2021 Hall of Fame game on August 5. Welcome to the Daily Blitz by DSP Media in partnership with The Cowboys are seemingly plagued by injuries this offseason, already, as wide receiver Amari Cooper and Demarcus Lawrence have yet to practice with the team as they’re nursing ailments before the start of the season. Then starting quarterback Dak Prescott left practice on Wednesday after he felt something off in his throwing shoulder. Dak has yet to return to throwing at practice, although he has been spotted on the field. Which begs the question: Could Dak play on Thursday if it was a regular season game? Both the player and the club say yes. But isn’t that what they’re supposed to say? If the answer was no, wouldn’t there be panic in the streets of north Texas? It might be too early to panic, and Dak may, in fact, be fine. But the worry shouldn’t be about Dak. It should be about who’s behind him. Let’s discuss! Please join us daily for the Daily Blitz at,, or the Dallas Cowboys Blitzcast YouTube Channel. And make sure to subscribe for all the latest videos and visual content! Then continue the conversation on Twitter: @BlitzcastNFL and @IndyCarTim. To submit a question for the show please email us, or to submit your joke of the day to be considered for use on the air, email the show at with “Joke Of The Day” in the subject line. If we use your joke on the air we’ll send you a free DSP Media / Cowboys Blitzcast t-shirt or hat!