May 30, 2024

S2E75 - Finding Hope in Gratitude for the Little Things with Bella Saumell

S2E75 - Finding Hope in Gratitude for the Little Things with Bella Saumell

Episode Details

  • Episode #: 75
  • Episode Title: Finding Hope in Gratitude for the Little Things with Bella Saumell
  • Publish Date: 05/30/2024
  • Clean/Explicit: Clean
  • Social Hashtags: #Gratitude #TaikoDrumming #RealVarietyRadio

Episode Summary Join Jackie Bailey, host of one of the tracks at the Voices of Hope Web Summit, as she interviews 10-year-old Bella Saumell in a lively discussion. Bella shares her love for Taiko drumming, her experiences at the Orlando Startup Weekend, and the ways gratitude for "the simple things" enhances her life. This episode is a beautiful exploration of how young minds perceive and cultivate joy and gratitude. About the Guest Bella Saumell is a vibrant and energetic 10-year-old, passionate about Taiko drumming and soccer. Her recent participation in the Orlando Startup Weekend showcased her fearless approach to innovation and creativity. Bella's insights at the Voices of Hope Summit on finding hope through gratitude offer valuable lessons on appreciating life's simple joys. Gifts from Bella's Sponsor

About the Host Saylor Cooper is an international speaker, author, and host, known for his influential work across various sectors. Despite living with a disability, Saylor has excelled as the creator of Real Variety Radio and the Hope Without Sight Podcast, engaging audiences worldwide in meaningful dialogues. About the Co-host Tyler Evans, alongside his best friend Saylor Cooper, helps manage Real Variety Radio and the Hope Without Sight Podcast. Tyler is integral in sourcing inspiring guests and actively participates in entrepreneurial events, sharing Saylor’s vision of making a significant impact in the lives of others. Programs and Events

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