May 9, 2024

S2E72 - The Empathy Advantage with Karen Hall

S2E72 - The Empathy Advantage with Karen Hall

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  • Episode Title: The Empathy Advantage with Karen Hall
  • Publish Date: 04/22/2024
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Episode Summary In this episode recorded at the Inaugural Voices of Hope Web summit, we explore the transformative power of empathy with Karen Hall, the Queen of Empathy and Managing Director of The Los Angeles Tribune Women’s Journal. Karen discusses "The Empathy Advantage" and shares insights on emotional intelligence and spiritual life coaching. Join us as we delve into how empathy can lead to deeper relationships and greater personal fulfillment. This episode was recorded at the inaugural Voices of Hope Web Summit. About the Guest Karen Hall, known as the Queen of Empathy, is the Managing Director of The Los Angeles Tribune Women’s Journal. A certified spiritual life coach trained under Marianne Williamson, Karen speaks extensively on emotional intelligence. She is the author and host of The Hero Within Podcast, showcasing inspiring stories of resilience and love. Karen is committed to empowering individuals to overcome emotional barriers and foster trust in their relationships. A woman of faith, Karen has been married for 39 years, with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. As a special gift, Karen offers "Affirmations of Hope," available for free download here: About the Host Saylor Cooper is an international speaker, author, and host, known for his influential work across various sectors. Despite living with a disability, Saylor has excelled as the creator of Real Variety Radio and the Hope Without Sight Podcast, engaging audiences worldwide in meaningful dialogues. With multiple speaking engagements and published books, Saylor continues to inspire and empower a global audience. About the Co-host Tyler Evans, alongside his best friend Saylor Cooper, helps manage Real Variety Radio and the Hope Without Sight Podcast. Tyler is integral in sourcing inspiring guests and actively participates in entrepreneurial events, sharing Saylor’s vision of making a significant impact in the lives of others. Programs and Events 1.     Blissful Life Community Membership

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