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July 14, 2021

The Art of Conversation via Chat Chains

We're back and we've got a new trick! NLAWKI Returns a couple weeks ahead of our OFFICIAL SEASON 2 START DATE with a special release about a new way to learn conversation skills - CHAT CHAINS! Check out the links below and make sure you tune in to our official Season 2 startup on the 28th of July!

Most neurotypical individuals learn to communicate naturally as we grow and mature both verbally and through body language. Individuals with autism and various other developmental disabilities face a greater challenge. Overcoming these expressive challenges is often critical to obtaining their other goals of a full life, like self-advocacy, employment, developing friendships, and living more independently.

One of the most fun and effective ways of learning new skills is through game playing… but many games are created to produce one winner…and many losers. Chat Chains is a game that helps players learn how to engage in more effective conversations and deepen relationships between the players so that all can enjoy “the thrill of victory” without “the agony of defeat.”

You can purchase the game from Amazon here
Stop by ThinkPsych's Website Here