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March 10, 2021

Disability And Me - Let's Talk Taxes with the ARC of Michigan!

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Tax Season is here and at the request of a listener we've reached out to the ARC of Oakland County's Executive Director Tom Kendziorski Esq. to go over their incredibly helpful tax guide! Find the resources mentioned in this episode HERE

Special Thanks to The Arc of Oakland County for promoting this guide and Tom Kendziorski for taking the time to join us on this episode and all his years of service to the disability community.

Here is a link to the ARC of Michigan's Tax Guide
"This authoritative income tax guide has proven invaluable for families and individuals concerned about tax deductions and credits related to the care and support of a child or an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability. After forty-seven issues, this booklet has become an annual “must-have” for the informed parent."

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