Sept. 9, 2020

CIF - The Full Life Model

Part two of our interview with Jackie Eddy and Ann Sickon of the Center for Independent Futures is about The Full Life Model®.  The tasks of everyday living often leave us exhausted but unfulfilled at the end of the day…or sometimes even feeling trapped on a treadmill, bored of dull routine and generally dissatisfied with our lives.  It is easy to fall into a routine that becomes task specific with little time to pursue that which brings us meaning, a sense of purpose…and joy.  Yet, everyday life presents us with things that must be done! However, a “Full Life” is mindful of the need for balance. For spending some time each day with the activities and the people who are important to us.  So that at the end of the day we still may feel exhausted, but we also feel accomplishment… and look forward to the adventures tomorrow will bring.

This is what The Full Life Model® is all about.  Planning life and our daily schedule around the things that must be done, balanced with the activities that bring us meaning and purpose and the people who bring us joy.  The Full Life Model® is a great tool to assist individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities plan their lives. But quite frankly, it is an excellent model for everyone who wishes to live a more full and vibrant life.

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