Sept. 22, 2021

42. The Right Place To Land - Finding the Best Nest

"There's no place like home!" In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy said these words and clicked the heels of her ruby slippers three times. Instantly she was transported back to her farm home in Kansas. This makes for an enduring story...but getting into the right home presents a little more of a challenge today. Especially if you live with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. You have many obstacles to contend with, such whether you want a roommate(s), where you will, apartment, condo. Is it better to buy (if the funds are available) or lease? What is the appropriate level of support needed and who will provide supports? How will I fit into the community? Do I want a job or volunteer work to live a full life? Just to name a few. Just about all of these decisions need to be made by the person with disabilities along with their family and other valued advisors. Sound like a lot of work, doesn't it? Well NESTIDD is an organization that has some good news to share with you! When it comes to selecting the right house, at the right location, with all the needed structural modification, that also meets YOUR definition of "affordable" NESTIDD can make the process much easier for everyone! NESTIDD will even mow the lawn, shovel snow, fix the leaking faucet and provide regular home maintenance. Our interview today is with Andrew Parker, a co-founder and CEO of NESTIDD, a Chicago based company serving the disability community with affordable housing options! Andrew has some exciting information to share with us!