July 28, 2021

34. A Party with a Purpose - Coordinating Goals and Support for a Self Determined Life

Today’s episode is an interview with Annette Downey, the Executive Director of Community Living Services, an organization that provides Independent Support Coordinators, (abbreviated as ISCs) for Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Kent Counties in Michigan. And as of July 2021, CLS has expanded their services to Ottawa County. 

For non-Michiganders tuning in I think you will find this interview relevant as well. No matter where you live in the United States or its territories, people with disabilities receiving Medicaid funded supports have the right to request an ISC. Annette will share with you the advantage of working with a support coordinator who is independent and serves as your advocate. 

For those of living in Ottawa County you will soon have a choice to make. You now have the option to select your own coordinator via Community Living Services. ISCs are self-employed, extensively trained and knowledgeable. Being self-employed they are focused on helping you achieve the quality of life you want without conflict of interest in recommending a services based upon cost, or agency bias either for or against a service provider. 

Making an educated decision is in your best interest. It is my goal that this conversation with Annette Downey will inform you about the benefits of choosing an independent support coordinator through Community Living Supports. 

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