May 12, 2021

32. Nothing About Me Without Me; Understanding the Dignity of Risk Pt 1

We all seek advice from time to time. Especially when confronted with a challenge that is unique to us. Sometimes that trusted advisor is a friend who has expertise in solving the problem we face, or a professional who can help us navigate our way to a desired outcome. And if all else fails, today we have YouTube tutorials in just about everything from how to open a jar of pickles, to Do It Yourself brain surgery! Help and support pervades our environment, if only we seek it. Seeking support in making decisions is a human condition regardless of ability. We learn and we grow as we work collaboratively and interdependently to solve problems and seize opportunity. If we aren’t allowed to make our own decisions we remain dependent on others at the expense of our own self-esteem and self-confidence.
Today we learn about Supported Decision Making in Part 1 of a two part episode. We speak with the chairperson of the Michigan Developmental Disability Council, Bonnie Gonzales and Mary Sheehan-Boogaard the Community Inclusion Coordinator for the Michigan  Developmental Disabilities Council.

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