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March 18, 2024

World, Ambiance..., & Making Love... (w/Darrell Parry)

World, Ambiance..., & Making Love... (w/Darrell Parry)

The Stick Figure Poet himself joins Dave and Aaron to share an eclectic collection of bad poetry from the 90s. From cocky self assurance, to shy kid in the corner, to kissing death, the twists and turns will keep the co-hosts on their toes.

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.16 "World, Ambiance..., & Making Love... (w/Darrell Parry)"

End Poet from a Real Poet: "Exorcism" by Darrell Parry, found in Twists: Gathered Ephemera.

Darrell Parry is a writer, editor, and self proclaimed slacker. Darrell also helps organize poetry events and publics readings around the Lehigh Valley area. He is the founder of the online publication Stick Figure Poetry Quarterly . You can submit your works to Stick Figure Poetry Quarterly at stickfigurepoetrysubmission@gmail.com Podcast Email: mybadpoetry.thepodcast@gmail.com Bluesky: @mybadpoetrythepod.bsky.social Instagram & Threads: @MyBadPoetry_ThePod Website: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠https://www.podpage.com/my-bad-poetry/⁠⁠


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