My Bad Poetry

My Bad Poetry

Aaron and Dave dive into an old private journal to read poems written in high school. Along the way the two have found themselves joined by some incredibly amazing people, all willing to share some of their own bad poetry. Experience a mix of self-reflection, humor, self-deprecation, great conversations and just maybe a half decent poem!

Recent Episodes

Return to the Wolf Journal

Sept. 18, 2023

Having covered all of the typed poems from Aaron's high school anthologies, Dave is sad to learn that the Wolf Journal is far from empty. Aaron finds three loose stanzas to get the show back into the pages of these handwritt…

Popular, Two Similar? & When a tree is chopped...? (w/Emily Dillon)

Sept. 11, 2023

Though Dave had to bow out to be a good parent to sick kids, Aaron and Emily take a break from parenting to talk about poetry! Emily brings not only old poems but pictures from an eighth-grade project. Ekphrastic might be on…


Sept. 4, 2023

Dave and Aaron discuss the last of the "poems without a home" from Aaron's typed out high school anthologies. The co-hosts cover the the lighthearted and easily discussed topic of "death." Why was a ninth grader writing abou…

Poem & I have (w/ John Yamrus)

Aug. 28, 2023

The co-hosts are honored to have a two time "Wakefield Prize" winning poet on this week's show. Aside from made up awards, John Yamrus brings decades of wisdom to the podcast in writing and being published. Of course, he als…

A Party at the Manger, The Beard Balm Conundrum, & Judging the Dead (w/ Ken Tomaro)

Aug. 21, 2023

Ken, the self described blue collar poet and poet laureate of the Cleveland sewer system, joins Dave and Aaron for some needed discussions around beard balm ingredients, who really was at the manger, and how someone stumbles…


Aug. 14, 2023

Aaron and Dave are fated with the task of diving back into the old works of a high school Aaron this week. Instead they spend most of their conversation discussing the Barbie movie; most of which had to be cut for time. Whil…