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Aaron and Dave met in the fall of 2012 as forced-upon room mates during their first year at seminary. They soon found that they had much in common and have remained close ever since. Dave is a native of Minnesota, while Aaron is originally from Ohio. Both are in their early thirties, with spouses, children, dogs, and both are currently Lutheran pastors in the ELCA .

Yet only one had a history of writing really bad poetry in high school….



While truthfully this project grew out of pent up energy during the pandemic, it has become a consistent way to check in between two close friends. Though we hope to be entertaining and to make you laugh, we also hope to have meaningful discussions on healthy forms of expression, toxic masculinity, the loneliness of mental health issues, and how everyone needs grace.

Plus Dave gets to dunk of Aaron’s truly awful use of the English language.

Thanks for joining us on this weird and wonderful ride!


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