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May 29, 2023

Untitled Works & Ganymede in Waiting (w/ Adrian Dallas Frandle)

Untitled Works & Ganymede in Waiting (w/ Adrian Dallas Frandle)

Adrian dug through a box of loose leaf works to find poems that span a decade. From middle schooler to NYC apartment dweller, Adrian's previous contexts help pull back the curtain on poems full of mixed metaphors, Greek myths dropped in, and chewy lines to say. Dave and Aaron had a lot to ruminate on and that was before they even got to the chapbook on Teeth!

My Bad Poetry Episode 4.6 "Untitled Works & Ganymede in Waiting (w/Adrian Dallas Frandle)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Ode to My Husband's Parasomnia" by Adrian Dallas Frandle found in May's edition of Blue Mountain Review.⁠ Their chapbook, Book of Extraction: Poems with Teeth, can be found through Kith Books Publishing. You can follow them on Twitter @adrianf.

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