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Jan. 22, 2024

Untitled & Desperation (w/ Raegen Pietrucha)

Untitled & Desperation (w/ Raegen Pietrucha)

Dave and Aaron welcome back the Gorgan writer herself, Raegen Pietrucha. Raegen has done her due diligence and dug up two old poems from her own high school journal (covered with suns and moons no less). Along with one hold over poem from her last appearance, the the co-hosts work through the emo angst, rhymes, and stream of consciousness to conclude... high school is a weird time.

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.8: "Untitled & Desperation (w/ Raegen Pietrucha)

End Poem from a Real Poet: "This is Not a Love Poem" by Raegen Pietrucha

Raegen Pietrucha is a editor, poet, writer, and consultant currently working on her memoir. She has two previous poetry books Head of a Gorgan and An Animal I Can't Name .

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