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Sept. 25, 2023

The Prince & Old Photographs (w/Megan McDermott)

The Prince & Old Photographs (w/Megan McDermott)

"Look at Old Photographs/ Everytime we do it makes us laugh."

Megan brings so many gems to the show, yet the crew only had time to discuss two of them. Partly because they kept getting off topic with clergy stuff, and mainly because these works from a 17 year old Megan have layers. From romantic idealism to jaded pessimism all within the span of a stanza, Dave and Aaron find the rollercoaster of near rhymes and moonlit miracles well worth the ride.

My Bad Poetry Episode 4.19: "The Prince & Old Photographs (w/Megan McDermott)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Prayer Book for Contemporary Dating: The Index" by Megan McDermott published in Prayer Book for Contemporary Dating. Megan is a writer and Episcopal priest with her newest book Jesus Merch: A Catalog in Poem is available through Fernwood Press. Megan also references her chapbook Woman as Communion through Game Over Books. You can follow her work through her website https://meganmcdermottpoet.com/.

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