Nov. 28, 2022

The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)

The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)
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My Bad Poetry

Dave and Aaron break up the silence (and by that we mean the recording of two poems on Silence from Aaron's journals) with another amazing guest episode.  Frances Klein not only brings her quick wit and sense of humor to the show but she brings her first ever poem.  A work she composed as a thesis project of all things.  Hear the evolution of her craft from first draft to today and laugh along along the way.     

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.11 "The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)" 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "In the bower/the roses hang so heavy—" by Frances Klein published in New and Permanent 

Frances Klein's poetry can be found in River Styx, Tupelo Press, So it Goes: The Literary Journal of the Vonnegut Memorial Library, HAD, Roi Faineant Press, and so many more!  She is the assistant editor of Southern Humanities Review and a high school English teacher.  Her chapbook New and Permanent is available through Blanket Sea Press (with 10% of proceeds going to support "The Little Timmy Project") and her microchap The Best Secret is provided by Bottlecap Press.  More information on her work and where to find her can be found through her linktree:  and you can follow her on Twitter @fklein907. 

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