Jan. 30, 2023

The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh)

The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh)

From a concrete poem that might have benefited from it's own Hulk Smash to a emo-laced exploration of that thing called "Love,"  Michael VanCalbergh's high school poems live up to this show's title.  Dave and Aaron find another fast friend with this week's guest as Michael brings the perfect energy to a rare evening recording.  Be warned however the final poem hits hard as it carefully explores the loss of a parent through a unique lens.  Note: When discussing the End Poem Aaron references a song that he thought was sung by Lewis Capaldi when in fact it's a song by Dean Lewis. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.20: "The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh) 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Instructions for My Father's Mortician" by Michael VanCalbergh 

Michael VanCalbergh can be found on Twitter @MVCpoet.  You can find his work published with Parenthesis Journal, autofocus Lit, Atticus Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Beaver Magazine, and many other spaces. 

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