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Dec. 11, 2023

Shemjaza, [...], Glass, & Misiones (w/ Luke Wortley)

Shemjaza, [...], Glass, & Misiones (w/ Luke Wortley)

Content Warning: The final "bad" poem does deal with a death by suicide. Covering 34'-40'. _____

Luke Wortley tries a bold strategy coming on the show, which is exploring tangents long enough to never actually get to any of his "bad" poetry. Even his first poem distracts the co-hosts with the painting the ekphrastic is describing! Nevertheless, poems are discussed, from garbage to mitigated garbage, ending with a beautiful prose poem that is very good. *

Luke Wortley is a poet in Indianapolis, Indiana, who has works published in Cincinnati Review, Variant Lit, and Maudlin House to name a few. His first full length book Shared Blood is available now through Gnashing Teeth Publishing. You can follow him on socials @LukeWortley.

*Luke wants to correct a historical flub "Horacio Quiroga died in Buenos Aires, but Misiones is the name of his home and a museum dedicated to his life and craft as a storyteller."

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.5: "Shemjaza, [...], Glass, & Misiones (w/ Luke Wortley)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Cry" by Luke Wortley found in Shared Blood.

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