Feb. 6, 2023

My Light at Last & Behold the Glory (w/ Jared Beloff)

My Light at Last & Behold the Glory (w/ Jared Beloff)

Dave and Aaron had to do their best not to waste time because they had a precious 40 minutes to speak with the great Jared Beloff during his lunch break.  While they would have been thrilled to spend the whole time talking about Jared's new book, Jared did not disappoint with two amazing poems form his days at a 10th grader.  From moss to Sasquatch, Jared's poems seem to have always sought to capture the glory of nature, just with way more skill and subtly nowadays. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.21 "My Light at Last & Behold the Glory (w/ Jared Beloff)" 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Playing With Climate Models" by Jared Beloff published in Who Will Cradle Your Head. Coming on Feb. 9th 2023. 

Jared Beloff's bio, publications, and other works can be found here.  Jared Beloff is a high school English teacher and a peer reviewer for Whale Road Review.  He is also one fourth of the The New Sledder a literary newsletter.  You can follow Jared on Twitter @Read_Instead.    

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