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Dec. 31, 2023

My Bad Poetry Presents: Board Games with Luke Wortley

My Bad Poetry Presents: Board Games with Luke Wortley

Though originally cut for time, this boardgame conversation seemed to interesting to leave on the cutting room floor. So during this extended winter break My Bad Poetry decided to drop this special bonus mini Boardgame episode that has nothing to do with poetry whatsoever. Enjoy! Luke Wortley used to be a featured guest/co-host on the Game of Thrones Card Game podcast The White Book (named for the log that chronicles the history and roster of the Kingsguard in A Song of Ice and Fire series). He continued chronicling his love of boardgames with "The Board Game Blog" through 2022. Now at the end of 2023, he brings his passion for gaming and previous experience on a show all about games to the podcast.

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.B3 "My Bad Poetry Presents: Boardgames with Luke Wortley "

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