Dec. 19, 2022

musing & (at) fireworks on the 7th (w/ Matthew E. Henry)

musing & (at) fireworks on the 7th (w/ Matthew E. Henry)
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My Bad Poetry

Dr. MEH and us tell each other fairy tales... or really just share some bad poetry.  Aaron and Dave are delighted to have Mathew E Henry on the show to share some of his first ever poems which were heavily influenced by the great e. e. cummings and of course Counting Crows.  Aaron accidently has Matthew read all three of the shared poems including "she says it's only in my head" and he's not really worried or overly concerned because it's all or nothing.  Also Dave adds one more to his "sad dad" poetry collection at the beginning of the episode.  

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.14 "musing & (at) fireworks on the 7th (w/ Matthew E Henry)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Hevel" by Matthew E Henry to be published in his upcoming chapbook said the Frog to the scorpion scheduled to drop in the winter of 2023

Matthew E Henry publications and other musings can be found here.   Dr. MEH is a high school English teacher and the editor-in-chief of The Weight Journal.  His three published collections the Colored page, Teaching While Black, and Dust & Ashes can all be purchased here.  His other upcoming chapbook The Third Renunciation is scheduled for the spring of 2023.  More information on his work and where to find her can be found through his website: and you can follow him on Twitter @MehPoeting

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