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May 16, 2022

In This Room & Corsage (w/Raegen Pietrucha)

In This Room & Corsage (w/Raegen Pietrucha)
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My Bad Poetry

Raegen Pietrucha brings binders of bad poems to the podcast and proves that goth/emo poetry can transcend both time and place. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 2.11: "In This Room" & "Corsage" (w/Raegan Pietrucha)

End Roem from a Real Poet: "Note From the Nadir" by Raegen Pietrucha in Head of a Gorgon. Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2022.  

Learn more about our guest Raegen on her site: https://raegenmp.wordpress.com/ or follow her on Twitter @FreeRadicalRP

Find her previous works An Animal I Can't Name from Two of Cups Press and many more online.

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