June 20, 2022

Gas Station Roses & Harvest (w/Mitchell Nobis)

Gas Station Roses & Harvest (w/Mitchell Nobis)
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My Bad Poetry

With Dave unable to make the recording do to work, Mitch and Aaron soldier on through some... really bad poems.  Whether or not they were trying to emulate gasoline infused roses or a manure covered country side one could say these poems stick.   Mitch has nobly dug deep into the archives of his past collections to find what perhaps should have remained well hid.   

My Bad Poetry Episode 2.15: "Gas Station Roses" and "Harvest" (w/Mitchell Nobis)

End Poem from a Real Poet: "The Spine" by Mitchell Nobis published in Hobart.

The book Read Writing: Modernizing the Old School Essay which he co-authored can be found here.  Find Mitchell Nobis and more of his work on his website and/or follow him on Twitter @MitchNobis.

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