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Dec. 18, 2023

Forty Ounce Magnum (w/ Lannie Stabile)

Forty Ounce Magnum (w/ Lannie Stabile)

CW: Some references to abuse made throughout the episode.

Lannie Stabile makes her triumphant return to the podcast as its "secret third co-host" with more rabbit holes as well as physical proof of future material (seven journals worth in fact!). Dave and Aaron are regaled with tales of theatre camp, pig fests, and spelling bees, that somehow are tangentially related to the bad poem she brought to the show.

Since her last appearance, Lannie has had the poetry book The Inconvenience of Grief published through Animal Heart Press. Watch for her newest chapbook When the Forest Finds You coming soon!

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.6: "Forty Ounce Magnum (w/ Lannie Stabile)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "The First Christmas Without Her" by Lannie Stabile found in The Inconvenience of Grief.

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