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April 24, 2023

Flipped Coin & Lottie (w/Alex Carrigan)

Flipped Coin & Lottie (w/Alex Carrigan)

How do Dave and Aaron decide to get back into the habit after a long break from recording? They drag along a new friend! Alex Carrigan joins the co-hosts for the first episode of Season 4 and carries the show with his energy, creativity, and of course his bad poetry. From a Gotye inspired breakup poem to a haiku heavy ode for a baker...as well as an extra little erasure poem that might have been better simply erased, Alex did not fail the assignment!

My Bad Poetry Episode 4.1 "Flipped Coin & Lottie (w/Alex Carrigan)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Farrah Moan Doesn’t Emphasize, She Highlights" by Alex Carrigan first published in Sage Cigarettes and soon to be found in Now Let's Get Brunch from Querencia Press Alex Carrigan is an editor, poet, critic, and the author of May All Our Pain Be Champagne published by Alien Buddha Press. You can find his website here and follow him on Twitter @carriganak. Look for Now Let's Get Brunch dropping in 2023!

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