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April 8, 2024

Doppelganger, Scenes..., & Hibernation (w/ Frances Klein)

Doppelganger, Scenes..., & Hibernation (w/ Frances Klein)

Frances Klein makes such an amazing return to the show that she may have out hosted the hosts. With three "new" bad poems from her past, Frances brings us through the stylings of a dictionary and thesaurus, with an uninhibited poem, an ekphrastic/found poem, and an add copy?? Oh Dave and Aaron were there too. (Also includes Tallulah's first guest bark.)

My Bad Poetry 5.18 "Doppelganger, Scenes..., & Hibernation (w/ Frances Klein)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "The Angel Gabriel Says It's Not a Booty Call If He Doesn't Have Genitals" by Frances Klein originally published in Peatsmoke Journal.

Frances Kleins newest poetry collection on dating the Angel Gabriel will be dropping in May! Her current chapbooks can be found through her linktree.

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