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Feb. 12, 2024

Confinement, Silk Road, & Adynaton (w/ Madeleine Corley)

Confinement, Silk Road, & Adynaton (w/ Madeleine Corley)

While Dave is unable to make it, Aaron and Madeleine carry on a cosmic journey over a silk road to a ocean of plastic. From 2017 and 2018 archived documents Madeleine finds evidence of unrequited love and odd artistic choices. Feel free to use any of these lines for your Valentines. She even brings a short song to kick things off. Also, no dolphins were harmed in the recording of this episode.

My Bad Poetry Episode 5.11: "Confinement, Silk Road, & Adynaton (w/ Madeleine Corley)"

End Poem From a Read Poet: "Overstimulation" by Madeleine Corley originally published in Pigeonholes

You can follow Madeleine Corley's many project @madelinksi. Make sure to check our her daily songs on Tik Tok or Instagram and visit her website https://madelinksi.com.

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