June 13, 2022

Bitter Bitter & Complicated (w/Nicole Tallman)

Bitter Bitter & Complicated (w/Nicole Tallman)
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My Bad Poetry

Nicole Tallman brings pages of her high school journal to the show demonstrating a "Emily Dickenson" phase in her writing career. With hurricane briefings and further meetings limiting their time together one can only hope there are more signed copies of old poems to go around. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 2.14: "Bitter Bitter"* and "Complicated"* (w/Nicole Tallman)  *Untitled in their original form. 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "On Finding Your Ashes In My Suitcase" by Nicole Tallman in Something Kindred. Find Nicole Tallman and more of her work on her website: https://nicoletallman.com/ and/or follow her on Twitter @natallman. 

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