Sept. 12, 2022

"Am I Polyamorous?" and "I can't find my specs" (w/ Fizza Abbas)

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My Bad Poetry

Dave and Aaron return to the microphones after a week off to start season three with a new friend.  Fizza Abbas joins the season premiere to bring her "bad" poems for all to hear.  From her first poems snarky interludes to a end of poem twist of comedic proportions, Fizza keeps Dave and Aaron laughing for all the wrong(right?) reasons.  

End Poem from a Real Poet: "The Unburnt Toast" by Fizza Abbas

Another poem referenced in this episode is The God of Numbers by Danusha   Laméris

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.1 "Am I Polyamorous?" and "I can't find my specs" (w/ Fizza Abbas)

Fizza Abbas is the author of Ool Jalool and Bakho.  Her poems, blog thoughts, and bio can be found on her website: She has the ambitious goal of getting published in 10,000 journals by 2030.  You can follow her progress on Twitter @fizzawrites
When it comes to helping those affected by the massive flooding in Pakistan, Fizza has referred us to Saba Irshad. An individual doing good work. Reach out to Fizza to get her contact info.

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