May 30, 2022

A setting sun & Grey Palette (w/Shiksha Dheda)

A setting sun & Grey Palette (w/Shiksha Dheda)
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My Bad Poetry

Shiksha stumps Dave and Aaron with what may be the first "bad" poem that neither could say anything bad about...luckily she had more to share! From her style to some of her struggles and everything in between, Shiksha carries that conversation and convinces the hosts that there is more to grey than meets the eye.  

My Bad Poetry Episode 2.12: "A setting sun" & "Grey Palette" (w/Shiksha Dheda)

End Poem from a Real Poet: "When I think about writing about flowers" by Shiksha Dheda in Washed Away: A collection of fragments

Learn more about our guest Shiksha on her site or follow her on Twitter @ShikshaWrites.  Washed Away can be found on Amazon

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